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Council Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2014 OREGON POW WOW SHOW -- Madrus, Oregon

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Oregon Council of Rock & Mineral Clubs

Summer Meeting Minutes June 28, 2014

Council Meeting held at Madrus, OREGON POW WOW SHOW at 1pm.  We had 4 member clubs represented.
The meeting was called to order by Vice-President John Buford.
January minutes were read and approved after correction by Troy in his statement about the BLM and Forest Service Roads. 
He said “that they are closing roads that have not been marked with road signs, such as logging roads. 
These are sometimes used by local people for hunting, rockhounding, and firewood collection, which is upsetting to local people”. Treasurer Report by Brenda Burford: Paid out: to: Don Innes $168.30 for printing of Newsletters to: Karl Granzow, $22.30 for internet services of web site Received: $9.97 dues from Eugene Mineral Club Total in account: $2238.65 Vicki Johnson, Capital Case agent reported that Springville Club is in until November, and hopefully the WAMS club will be in next.
She is working with them on getting their agreement.If so, they will be in the capital case until May 2015. She reports that the people in the Capital Building come around and tell her how much they enjoy the case. They always want to know and see what will be in the new display and express much appreciation for the displays. Vicki always makes pictures and puts them on a CD for the club that is placing the display, when the display is completed.
Vicki keeps one for the record and one to the displaying club.That way there is a record of everything that is placed in the case
each time. Vicki also said, there is a large box of pictures of displays and people from the 32 years we have been putting the display in at the Capital Building. She has no idea who the people are of course. (Too bad the names were not placed on the backs of the photos) She said, the pictures really are helpful when the displayers forget to give back the items they did not use.
Lenora reported on the Roger Mt Trip by Mt Hood Club and OR Agate Club of 6 people at the invite of the Gold Miner at the site
of the Rock Hunting Area. He had an area he was digging in that was filled with water, so was not able to mine any until his
area dried out. He invited us to pick up some of the pieces of wood that he had dumped out over the bank. We looked over the
general area, but did not see any area that produced more petrified wood. The area he is in seems to be the old wood area,
and he seemed to be OK if we asked when we could come. That was in March, so do not know what is happening at present.
We discussed how to have better attendance at our meetings and interaction with BLM, Forest Service and State Lands people.
We need rockhounds working to keep the areas open. Troy said there are more areas in CA that Wilderness Areas are being considered.
John said there was another area to be closed on the beach. John said that some of the clubs have drawings for $5 at
each meeting. All the members names are placed in box and if the member is present he gets the $5. He was wondering if that
would help to have more member clubs to be represented at the meetings. It seems the consensus was no at present, maybe
letters to each club mentioned. The next meeting will be at 1pm, Portland Regional Gem & Mineral Show in Hillsboro, OR at the Washington County Fairplex, Oct 11, 2014. Be sure and exhibit your OR Lapidary Specimens, get exhibit form from web site. (Click Here) Meeting adjourned. Minutes by Lenora Smith, Secretary Attendance:
John & Brenda Burford, Sweet Home Club;
Jim Heiman & Richard Hart Clackamette Club;
Vicki Johnson, WAMS Club;
Troy & Lenora Smith MHRC

Minutes inserted by Karl Granzow



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