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Council Meeting Minutes
January 18, 2014 Yachats Rock & Gem Show -- Yachats, Oregon

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Oregon Council of Rock & Mineral Clubs

ATTENDANCE:  1-18-2014

John Burford from Sweet Home Club  
Brenda Burford  from Sweet Home Club
Cindy Cole also from Sweet Home Club
Dave Williams from Umpqua Club
Tom Michalek from Umpqua Club
Troy Smith from Mt Hood Club
Vicki Johnson from WAMS (Salem)
Don Innes from Far West Club
Lenora Smith from Mt Hood Club

Minutes of Meeting

Meeting called to order by Don Innes, President.
Fall minutes read and approved.

 Report on Rogers Mt Petrified Wood Collecting Area given by Lenora.  Email received from John Huston, BLM, after emailing him for 
information. I asked if area was still OK for rockhounds and if there were any problems.  I also told him several clubs have said 
they may visit for a field trip in the spring.  He responded that he had not been over at the site since the gate was opened, and 
that he would send out a patrol to check.  
So far no further information.

 Dan reported there have been some problems with the web site.  We now have 2 web sites the old one and the new one.  or   But both are outdated as far as minutes and meeting times.  The Capital Case Report 
is up to date.  Vicki Johnson gives the webmaster good information.  Don asked that clubs send articles to the web master that would 
be of interest to the rock clubs.

 We have new representatives from Umpqua Club in Roseberg.  Don & Elnora Young have had to resign due to health reasons.  (We miss 
them already!!)  Dave Williams and Tom Michalek are now representing them now.

 Don is also the Vice-President of the NW Fed. Rock and Mineral Society and he has noticed that the OR Rock Club membership is less 
this year and not sure why.  General Discussion of some of the clubs bookkeeping and since the NWF wants the membership list before 
all the members have renewed their club membership first.  Membership fees were discussed.  
Family memberships were $10 - $15 - $20 - $29 -- individual $6 - $10.

 Troy reported that newspapers and newsletters are reporting Forest Service and BLM are planning to close all roads with no signs.  
Also the Sage Grouse nesting is causing problems in some areas.

 Vicki reported on Capital Case.  OR Agate Club just came out of the Case.  Columbia Gorge Club now in from Nov. to May 2014. 
From May to Nov. 2014, will be Springfield Club.  Vicki asked permission to make nameplate for the Springfield Club to use in the 
Capital Case.   That was approved.  Vicki also reported that the Oregon Capital 
Building now has a web site (not sure what it is as yet).

 The Fall Meeting will be at the Portland Regional Show October 11th at 1pm located at Washington County Fairplex in Hillsboro.  
The Umpqua Club will need to bring the OR Council Traveling Trophy to that meeting to pass to next winner of best 
Oregon Lapidary Material.

 Meeting Adjourned.  
 Minutes by Lenora Smith, Secretary.

Note:  The Yachats Show had a good assortment of Dealers and 2 speakers:  Lori Robertson from Cape Perpetua Visitor Center and 
William Orr, Emeritus Professor of Geology at the University of OR & director of the Condon Collection @ the Univ.’s Museum of 
Natural & Cultural History.  Also the Yachats Presbyterian Church opened  their doors on Sat. to show off 6 large Agate Windows 
that were done by the local people in 1968.  They found that each window took about 3 layers of epoxy and fifteen gallons of beach 
agate plus shredded fiber glass to make windows that did not crack.  They had to use clean, dry, unpolished agates 
(Polished agates fell out).  Good Show!!

Oregon Rock Clubs with Dues submitted for 2014 so far:
FarWest Lapidary
Mt Hood Rock Club
OR Agate & Mineral Society
Clackamette Mineral & Gem Club
WAMS  of Salem, OR
Columbia Gorge Rockhounds
Hatrockhounds Gem & Lapidary
Lower Umpqua Gem & Lapidary Society
Sweet Home Rock & Mineral Club
Umpqua Gem & Mineral Club, Roseberg

Note:  I think there are 21 clubs in Oregon, so we hope we can have the rest of you sending in your dues and especially attending 
the meetings and letting us know what you are doing.  We hope all clubs are attending planning meetings of our Federal Lands and 
Rockhounding Areas.  We would also encourage you all to belong to the ALAA and help any way that you can.

Minutes inserted by Karl Granzow



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