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Update on the Marine Reserves Process - September 2, 2010

by Dan Zaiss

The State of Oregon has been engaged in a process to consider marine reserves along its coast for the past several years. With a recommendation from the state's Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC), and passage of legislation implementing that recommendation, the process is entering the next phase. The State has established two pilot marine reserve sites, a marine reserve at Otter Rock, north of Newport, and a marine reserve and associated marine protected area at Redfish Rocks, near Port Orford. Further consideration and evaluation as started for future three new marine reserves sites: Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, and Cape Perpetua.

A community team in the Coos Bay area has started the process to potentially propose the Cape Arago area as another site for further evaluation.

The following list represents the most frequently asked question about received by the

  1. What is the status of marine reserves in Oregon?
  2. What is a marine reserve?
  3. What areas can be included in a marine reserve?
  4. Are beaches, sandy intertidal areas, rivers, and estuaries included in a marine reserve?
  5. What activities would be PROHIBITED in a marine reserve?
  6. Can I still walk, swim, boat, surf, SCUBA dive, and anchor in a marine reserve?
  7. What is the timeline for marine reserve evaluation sites?
  8. How can I participate?

For additional information, see Marine Reserve & Marine Protected Areas

Page updated: September 2, 2010.
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