Oregon Council of Rock and Mineral
Operating Procedures

Approved at the Annual Meeting - June 30, 2007.

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No.1 Board - Web-site Master/Mistress
Dist.: Article VIII
Subject: Equipment Assets

The Web-site Master/Mistress shall use his/her own hardware and software resources to maintain the Oregon Council of Rock and Mineral club's web-site. The web-site will be updated within 1 month after each Oregon Council meeting and at any other times that the Web-site Master/Mistress or the Board deems necessary. A backup copy of the web-site will be made by the Web-site Master/Mistress and kept in a safe place with each change of the site.

OP No. 2 Board - Treasurer
Dist.: Article VIII
Subject: Web-site operating Expenses

Each year on the renewal date the Treasurer shall pay the web-site invoice promptly. Any funds required above this must be coordinated with the President.

OP No. 3 Board - Officers & Committee Chairpersons
Dist: Article VIII
Subject: Travel expenses

There will be no reimbursements for travel expenses when attending Oregon Council meetings or other functions.

OP No. 4 Board - Case Agent
Dist: Article VIII
Subject: Capitol Case Maintenance

The Case Agent will assure the displays are maintained in their best condition possible. A regular schedule for cleaning and dusting of specimens will be arranged. Costs for cleaning supplies will be reimbursed from a renewable $25.00 fund by the Treasurer.

OP No. 5 Board - Web-site Master/Mistress
Dist: Article VIII
Subject: Distribution of meeting minutes and other items of interest

The Web-site Master/Mistress will email the following with a notice of the posting of the Oregon Council minutes or any other items of interest posted on the web-site:

  1. Each officer of the council
  2. The President, council representatives, and bulletin editor of member clubs and societies.
  3. US Forest Service and BLM district offices

Other items of interest which should be gathered by the Web-site Master/Mistress and posted to the web site include, but are not limited to, contributions from other rock clubs, changes in land use affecting rockhounding by the BLM, Fish and Wildlife, US Forest Service and environmental clubs.

OP No. 6 Special - OPLAC
Dist: Article VIII
Subject: Oregon Public Land Advisory Committee

The President will be the other Oregon committee member on the NFMS-OPLAC and will be the Liaison with the California Federation PLAC. The Vice President will chair a five region planning committee. They are tasked with working with the member organizations within the state to coordinate and oversee the planning of Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management or State Forest land use studies. These representatives will try to have personal representation at all published hearings in their respective regions.

The Oregon regions are as follows:

  1. Northwest: Lincoln, Benton, Linn, Polk, Marion, Tillamook, Yamhill, Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Columbia and Clatsop,
  2. Southwest: Curry, Josephine, Jackson, Coos, Douglas and Lane
  3. Central: Grant, Hood River, Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson, Wheeler, and Wasco
  4. Northeast: Baker, Sherman, Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla, Union and Wallowa
  5. Southeast: Klamath, Malheur, Harney and Lake

This committee is further tasked with the responsibility of monitoring of mining claim problems and changes in mining rules. Report these changes or court actions to the Vice President immediately as they occur. All court cases within the eleven (11) western states are under the jurisdiction of the 9th US District Court - any and all decisions are binding on all the states within its jurisdiction.

The position of Information Officer, under this operation procedure is temporarily changed to Public Relations Legislative Liaison Officer. He/she will be responsible for coordination with the NFMS Public Relations Chairperson, for keeping in contact with the member clubs, and keeping track of the State Legislature through their news release center. Costs of any subscription to be billed to the Council.

OP No. 7 Board - Executive Board & Chairpersons
Dist: Article VIII
Subject: Phone Coordination Billing

All officers and committee chairpersons may be reimbursed for the coordination phone calls, when the required coordination is essential to the operation of the Council. Normal communication will be through email. Written communication will be used when necessary.

Op No 8 Board - Membership Dues
Dist: Article VIII
Subject: Amount of Dues

The current amount of the membership dues per individual belonging to the Council is 25 cents.

OP No. 9 Board - Secretary
Dist: Article VIII
Subject: Renewal / Application Membership Forms

On January 1st or as close to the first of the month as possible send applications to a club officer, whether a member or not from the previous year. This enables outgoing officers enough time to respond with the dues and new officer listing.

Keep a list in alphabetical order using the member's organizational name with a note listing the name and address of the club secretary.

Names of clubs and their secretaries are found in Membership Renewal Book for Oregon Council in the Council secretary's file. Cross check the names through the NFMS Directory for those organizations belonging for the current year. For those clubs not belonging, check with the Information Officers file.

On March 31st, if dues have not been received or a letter received from the club declining membership, send out a second application form and a note to their president requesting a reply. Officers do change and some of the previous paperwork doesn't change.

OP No. 10 Board - Treasurer
Dist: Article VIII
Subject: Corporation Agent.

Each year prior to January 10: State of Oregon Corporation Division ANNUAL REPORT. Treasurer will send in the corporation fee called for on this form. Note: Prompt payment of fee is important.

Item 6 of the current form calls for a Federal Tax ID Number. It is our understanding this is the same as the Employer Identification Number issued to the Oregon Council by the IRS in 1975: #23-7419895.

OP No. 11 Board - Treasurer
Dist: Article VIII
Subject: Safety Deposit Box

The following permanent or original papers will be maintained in a secure place of storage.

  1. Articles of Incorporation, with current receipt
  2. Council Seal
  3. IRS Tax Exempt Papers
  4. By-Laws, with the approval from IRS and Corporation Division




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